Job Descriptions

  1. AC Assistant (PDF)
  2. AC Technician (PDF)
  3. Accountant (PDF)
  4. Accountant, Customer Billing (PDF)
  5. Accounting Assistant (PDF)
  6. Accounting Assistant, Billing (PDF)
  7. Accounting Assistant, Senior (PDF)
  8. Accounting Clerk (PDF)
  9. Accounting Manager (PDF)
  10. Accounting Technician (PDF)
  11. Accounting Technician I and II (PDF)
  12. Accounting Technician III (PDF)
  13. Accounts Receivable Assistant (PDF)
  14. Accounts Receivable Technician (PDF)
  15. Accounts Receivable, Senior (PDF)
  16. Admin Office Assistant Data Entry I Service (PDF)
  17. Admin Office Assistant II Service (PDF)
  18. Administrative Assistant I and II (PDF)
  19. Administrative Assistant I Communication & Conservation (PDF)
  20. Administrative Assistant I Engineering (PDF)
  21. Administrative Services Sup (PDF)
  22. Assistant Chief Surveyor (PDF)
  23. Assistant Customer Billing Supervisor (PDF)
  24. Assistant Dir of Ops Production (PDF)
  25. Assistant General Manager (PDF)
  26. Auto Parts Specialist I (PDF)
  27. Auto Serviceworker I (PDF)
  28. Auto Shop Attendant (PDF)
  29. Auto Shop Crew Super (PDF)
  30. Auto Shop Supervisor (PDF)
  31. Auto Technician I (PDF)
  32. Auto Technician II (PDF)
  33. Auto Technician III Auto Technician III Trainer (PDF)
  34. Benefits Coordinator (PDF)
  35. Biologist (PDF)
  36. Biologist, Associate (PDF)
  37. Board Administrative Assistant I and II (PDF)
  38. Budget Analyst Trades (PDF)
  39. Building Trades Supervisor (PDF)
  40. Building Trades Worker (PDF)
  41. CAD GIS Supervisor (PDF)
  42. CAD Systems Specialist (PDF)
  43. Chemist (PDF)
  44. Chemist, Chief (PDF)
  45. Chief Control Operator (PDF)
  46. Chief DW Serviceworker (PDF)
  47. Chief Inspector (PDF)
  48. Claims-Safety Assistant (PDF)
  49. Clerk of the Board (PDF)
  50. Clerk, Document-Mailing (PDF)
  51. Collections Systems I (PDF)
  52. Collections Systems II (PDF)
  53. Collections Systems III (PDF)
  54. Collections Systems Supervisor (PDF)
  55. Collections Systems Trainee (PDF)
  56. Communications and Legislative Director (PDF)
  57. Communications and Legislative Specialist (PDF)
  58. Communications Assistant (PDF)
  59. Communications Specialist (PDF)
  60. Computer Operator I (PDF)
  61. Computer Operator II (PDF)
  62. Conservation Manager (PDF)
  63. Construction Inspector I (PDF)
  64. Construction Inspector II (PDF)
  65. Construction Inspector II-Lead (PDF)
  66. Construction Inspector Trainee (PDF)
  67. Control Operator I (PDF)
  68. Control Operator Trainee (PDF)
  69. Controller (PDF)
  70. Copy Center-Mailroom Clerk (PDF)
  71. Crew Chief, Auto Shop (PDF)
  72. Crew Chief, Building Trades (PDF)
  73. Crew Chief, Canal (PDF)
  74. Crew Chief, Collections (PDF)
  75. Crew Chief, Control Zanjero (PDF)
  76. Crew Chief, Cross Connection (PDF)
  77. Crew Chief, Domestic Water (PDF)
  78. Crew Chief, Facilities Location Crew Chief, Facility Maintenance (PDF)
  79. Crew Chief, Materials Management (PDF)
  80. Crew Chief, Mechanical Shop (PDF)
  81. Crew Chief, Meter Reader (PDF)
  82. Crew Chief, Stores (PDF)
  83. Crew Chief, Stormwater and Drainage (PDF)
  84. Crew Chief, Water Quality (PDF)
  85. Crew Chief, Water Treatment (PDF)
  86. Crew Chief, Welding (PDF)
  87. Crew Chief, Zanjero (PDF)
  88. Crew Sup Stormwater-Drainage (PDF)
  89. Crew Supervisor, Groundskeeping (PDF)
  90. Cross Connection SW I (PDF)
  91. Cross Connection SW II (PDF)
  92. Cross Connection SW III (PDF)
  93. Customer Billing Supervisor (PDF)
  94. Customer Service Representative I (PDF)
  95. Customer Service Representative II (PDF)
  96. Customer Service Representative III (PDF)
  97. Customer Service Supervisor (PDF)
  98. Customer Services Manager (PDF)
  99. Development Services Aide (PDF)
  100. Development Services Supervisor (PDF)
  101. Development Services Technician I (PDF)
  102. Development Services Technician II (Lead) (PDF)
  103. Director of Business and Technology (PDF)
  104. Director of Communication and Conservation (PDF)
  105. Director of Engineering (PDF)
  106. Director of Environmental Services
  107. Director of Finance (PDF)
  108. Director of Information Systems (PDF)
  109. Director of Operations (PDF)
  110. Director of Operations, Assistant (PDF)
  111. Director of Resources (PDF)
  112. Director of Service (PDF)
  113. Director of Trades and Support (PDF)
  114. Director of Trades and Support, Assistant (PDF)
  115. Distribution Operator I (PDF)
  116. Distribution Operator II (PDF)
  117. Distribution Operator III (PDF)
  118. Distribution Operator Trainee (PDF)
  119. Distribution Utility Worker I, II and III (PDF)
  120. Document Control Clerk I (PDF)
  121. Domestic Water Supervisor (PDF)
  122. Drafting Utility Coordinator (PDF)
  123. Drafting Utility Worker (PDF)
  124. DW Serviceworker I (PDF)
  125. DW Serviceworker II (PDF)
  126. DW Serviceworker III (PDF)
  127. DW Serviceworker Trainee (PDF)
  128. Education Assoc, II or Spec (PDF)
  129. Electric and Controls Engineering Assistant (PDF)
  130. Electrician I (PDF)
  131. Electrician II (PDF)
  132. Electrician III (PDF)
  133. Electrician IV (PDF)
  134. Electronic Assistant Supervisor (PDF)
  135. Electronic Supervisor (PDF)
  136. Electronic Technician I or Trainee (PDF)
  137. Electronics Technician I (PDF)
  138. Electronics Technician II (PDF)
  139. Electronics Technician III (PDF)
  140. Electronics Technician Trainee (PDF)
  141. Electronics Technician Trainee I or II (PDF)
  142. Energy-Electrical Coordinator (PDF)
  143. Engineer Aide - Survey (PDF)
  144. Engineer Aide II - Survey (PDF)
  145. Engineer Aide II Water Resources (PDF)
  146. Engineer Aide III Water Resources (PDF)
  147. Engineer Manager - Irrigation, Stormwater and Electrical (PDF)
  148. Engineer Technician I Water Resources (PDF)
  149. Engineer Technician II - Drafting Engineer Technician II - Technical Services (PDF)
  150. Engineer Technician II - Plan Check - CAD Services (PDF)
  151. Engineer Technician II - Plan Check - Technical Services (PDF)
  152. Engineer Technician III Water Resources (PDF)
  153. Engineer, Assistant Domestic (PDF)
  154. Engineer, Assistant Irrigation (PDF)
  155. Engineer, Associate Domestic (PDF)
  156. Engineer, Associate Domestic Water and General District (PDF)
  157. Engineer, Associate Electrical-Controls (PDF)
  158. Engineer, Associate Irrigation (PDF)
  159. Engineer, Associate Irrigation Stormwater (PDF)
  160. Engineer, Associate Sanitation (PDF)
  161. Engineer, Associate Stormwater (PDF)
  162. Engineering Aide I (PDF)
  163. Engineering Aide III (PDF)
  164. Engineering Manager - Domestic Water and Sanitation (PDF)
  165. Engineering Manager - Environmental Services (PDF)
  166. Engineering Manager - ROW-Survey-CAD (PDF)
  167. Environmental Safety Specialist (PDF)
  168. Environmental Services Aide I (PDF)
  169. Environmental Services Specialist (PDF)
  170. Environmental Specialist, Senior (PDF)
  171. Equipment Operations I - Canal (PDF)
  172. Equipment Operations I - Electric Shop (PDF)
  173. Equipment Operations I - Stormwater (PDF)
  174. Equipment Operations II - Stormwater (PDF)
  175. Equipment Operator I - Lead (PDF)
  1. Equipment Operator I (PDF)
  2. Executive Assistant to GM (PDF)
  3. Facilities Location, Crew Chief (PDF)
  4. Facilities Location Technician I (PDF)
  5. Facilities Location Technician II (PDF)
  6. Facilities Location Technician III (PDF)
  7. Facilities Maintenance, Crew Chief (PDF)
  8. Facilities Worker (PDF)
  9. Facilities Worker Senior (PDF)
  10. Facilities Worker Supervisor (PDF)
  11. Field Representative (PDF)
  12. Financial Analyst (PDF)
  13. Financial And Budget Analyst (PDF)
  14. Fleet Manager (PDF)
  15. General Manager (PDF)
  16. General Supervisor (PDF)
  17. HR Assistant (PDF)
  18. HR Director (PDF)
  19. HR Office Assistant (PDF)
  20. HR Specialist (PDF)
  21. HR Specialist, senior (PDF)
  22. HVAC Technician I (PDF)
  23. HVAC Technician II (PDF)
  24. Information Systems Analyst I (PDF)
  25. Information Systems Analyst II (PDF)
  26. Information Systems Analyst III (PDF)
  27. Information Systems Specialist
  28. Intern (PDF)
  29. Irrigation System Worker III (PDF)
  30. Irrigation Utility Worker I and II Canal (PDF)
  31. Irrigation Utility Worker I and II Stormwater (PDF)
  32. Irrigation Water Technician (PDF)
  33. GIS Manager - GIS
  34. GIS Specialist II - GIS
  35. Laboratory Aide I (PDF)
  36. Laboratory Aide II (PDF)
  37. Laboratory Director (PDF)
  38. Laboratory Specialist (PDF)
  39. Laboratory Technician I (PDF)
  40. Laboratory Technician II (PDF)
  41. Lead (PDF)
  42. Maintenance Trainee (PDF)
  43. Maintenance Worker (PDF)
  44. Maintenance-Training Technician (PDF)
  45. Management Analyst (PDF)
  46. Manager Customer Services (PDF)
  47. Material Management Supervisor (PDF)
  48. Mechanical Technologist I (PDF)
  49. Mechanical Technologist II (PDF)
  50. Mechanical Technologist III (PDF)
  51. Mechanical Technologist IV (PDF)
  52. Meter and Valve Technician I (PDF)
  53. Meter and Valve Technician II (PDF)
  54. Meter and Valve Technician III (PDF)
  55. Meter and Valve Technician Trainee (PDF)
  56. Meter Reader I (PDF)
  57. Meter Reader II (PDF)
  58. Meter Reader III (PDF)
  59. Meter Reader Manager (PDF)
  60. Meter Reader Trainee (PDF)
  61. Meter Repair Trainee (PDF)
  62. Meter Repairworker I (PDF)
  63. Meter Repairworker II (PDF)
  64. Meter Repairworker III (PDF)
  65. Multimedia Specialist (PDF)
  66. O and M Schedule Coordinator (PDF)
  67. Office Assistant Customer Service (PDF)
  68. Office Assistant Data Entry Office Assistant Service Communication and Conservation (PDF)
  69. Office Assistant Data Entry II Engineer (PDF)
  70. Office Assistant I, II, III (PDF)
  71. Office Assistant II (PDF)
  72. Office Assistant III (PDF)
  73. Office Assistant Trainee (PDF)
  74. Planning and Special Projects Manager (PDF)
  75. Procurement and Contract Manager (PDF)
  76. Public Info Associate AV (PDF)
  77. Public Information Associate (PDF)
  78. Purchasing Technician I (PDF)
  79. Purchasing Technician II (PDF)
  80. Quality Assurance Coordinator (PDF)
  81. Rate Analyst (PDF)
  82. Records Clerk I, II, or III (PDF)
  83. Recycled Water Manager (PDF)
  84. Right-of-Way Assistant (PDF)
  85. Right-of-Way Specialist (PDF)
  86. Right-of-Way Specialist, Senior (PDF)
  87. Right-of-Way Supervisor (PDF)
  88. Risk Management Aide (PDF)
  89. Risk Management Assistant (PDF)
  90. Risk Management Assistant Claims (PDF)
  91. Risk Management Specialist (PDF)
  92. Risk Manager (PDF)
  93. Safety and Training Assistant (PDF)
  94. Safety and Training Manager (PDF)
  95. Safety and Training Specialist (PDF)
  96. Sanitation Supervisor (PDF)
  97. Schedule Coordinator (PDF)
  98. Security Attendant (PDF)
  99. Senior Domestic Water Serviceworker (PDF)
  100. Senior Engineer, Domestic (PDF)
  101. Senior Engineer, Water Resources (PDF)
  102. Senior Engineer, Sanitation (PDF)
  103. Senior Engineer, Stormwater (PDF)
  104. Senior Engineer, SWP (PDF)
  105. Senior Engineer-IRR-Construction (PDF)
  106. Service Center Aide (PDF)
  107. Source Control Aide (PDF)
  108. Source Control Assistant Source Control Coordinator (PDF)
  109. Source Control Inspector I (PDF)
  110. Source Control Inspector II Lead (PDF)
  111. Storekeeper (PDF)
  112. Storekeeper Clerk (PDF)
  113. Storekeeper, Senior (PDF)
  114. Supervising Management Analyst (PDF)
  115. Supervisor, Backflow - Meter Repair (PDF)
  116. Supervisor, Canal Distribution (PDF)
  117. Supervisor, Claims and Safety (PDF)
  118. Supervisor, Development Services (PDF)
  119. Supervisor, Electrical (PDF)
  120. Supervisor, Electrical Assistant (PDF)
  121. Supervisor, Groundskeepers (PDF)
  122. Supervisor, Materials Management (PDF)
  123. Supervisor, Mechanical (PDF)
  124. Survey Assistant (PDF)
  125. Survey Party Chief (PDF)
  126. Survey Technician II (PDF)
  127. Surveyor Assistant Chief (PDF)
  128. Surveyor, Chief (PDF)
  129. Switchboard Operator (PDF)
  130. Switchboard Operator-Receptionist (PDF)
  131. Training Safety Specialist (PDF)
  132. Utility Coordinator (PDF)
  133. Water Management Aide (PDF)
  134. Water Management Specialist I (PDF)
  135. Water Management Specialist II (PDF)
  136. Water Management Supervisor (PDF)
  137. Water Management Technician (PDF)
  138. Water Operations Specialist (PDF)
  139. Water Operations Technician (PDF)
  140. Water Program Manager (PDF)
  141. Water Quality Analyst I (PDF)
  142. Water Quality Analyst II (PDF)
  143. Water Quality Crew Chief
  144. Water Quality Operator I (PDF)
  145. Water Quality Operator II (PDF)
  146. Water Quality Operator III (PDF)
  147. Water Quality Specialist (PDF)
  148. Water Quality Supervisor (PDF)
  149. Water Resources Associate (PDF)
  150. Water Resources Coordinator (PDF)
  151. Water Resources Manager (PDF)
  152. Water Resources Supervisor (PDF)
  153. Water Treatment Crew Chief (PDF)
  154. Water Treatment Operator I
  155. Water Treatment Operator II
  156. Water Treatment Operator III
  157. Welder Chief (PDF)
  158. Welder I (PDF)
  159. Welder II (PDF)
  160. Welder Trainee (PDF)
  161. WRP Assistant Supervisor (PDF)
  162. WRP Chief Operator (PDF)
  163. WRP Operator I (PDF)
  164. WRP Operator II (PDF)
  165. WRP Operator III (PDF)
  166. WRP Operator in Training (PDF)
  167. WRP Plant Supervisor (PDF)
  168. WRP Shift Supervisor (PDF)
  169. Zanjero Chief (PDF)
  170. Zanjero I (PDF)
  171. Zanjero II (PDF)
  172. Zanjero III (PDF)
  173. Zanjero Trainee (PDF)
  174. Zanjero, Control Supervisor (PDF)
  175. Zanjero, Supervisor Assistant (PDF)