Canal Water Outages


No orders are to be taken on meter 1493 on lateral 119.64-2.6 line until further notice.

No water to Meter 2041 on lateral 123.45-1.3-3.9-LT-1.0 until further notice.
Monday December 10th: No water to meter 1181 on lateral 98.0-4.4-1.0 to repairs meter deliveries system. User has been notified. Order may resume on Tuesday December 11th.




Tuesday December 11th: No water on lateral 119.64-7.5 to repair leak on the corner of Ave 50 & Harrison Street to District main line. All users have been notified. Meters affected by repair are 2061, 2087, 1916, 1224, 1903, 1898, 1915, 1607, 1531, 1528 & 1810. Orders may resume on Thursday December 13th.