Canal Water Outages

Here is a list of recent canal water meter outages. If you have received an automated phone call please review below for details on your outage and how it will affect you. 

Updated on February 17 2017          
Friday February 17th: No orders are to be taken on meter 1493 on lateral 119.64-2.6 line until further notice. User must relocate long delivery line prior to resuming water delivery.
Monday February 13th - Tuesday February 21st: No water on meters 1982 &  1963 on lateral 123.45 to repair the main valve for meter 1963. Orders may resume on Wednesday February 22nd. Meters 1982 &  1963 are the only meters affected by this repair.

Saturday February 18th: Orders may resume on lateral 98.0-4.4 sub-line after 12:00 hrs. on Saturday. Meters affected are 5015, 5005, 3690, 3668, 3388, 4708, & 1181.



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