Canal Water Outages

Ongoing: No orders are to be taken on meter 1493 on lateral 119.64-2.6 line until further notice. User must relocate long delivery line prior to resuming water delivery. 
Thursday June 21st: Due to a broken valve orders on lateral 98.0-4.1 sub-line may be reduced until repair is completed. Estimated time for repair is approx. 2 weeks. Meters that will be affected are 4679, 4948, 4972, 4977, 4998, 5009, 8037, 8047, & 8052. 

Monday June 25th: No water on lateral 123.45-1.3-3.2-Lt to repair leak at meter 1965. Meters affected are 1578, 1972, 1965, & 2716.
Coachella Canal Next to Field