Conservation Tips for Residents

  1. Ask Dave How To Videos

    Ask Dave How To Videos

    The Ask Dave video series can help you manage your water use.

  2. Residential Landscape Tips

    Residential Landscape Tips

    Nearly 80% of residential water in the Coachella Valley is used outdoors. Reduce your water use with these 24 water wise tips.

  3. Watering Guide

    Watering Guide

    We've provided a table showing the approximate amount of water different types of landscaping typically need each month. Individual watering times may vary due to soil and other conditions.

  4. New Conservation Laws

    New Conservation Laws

    Laws are ever changing, especially those dealing with water usage in your community. Look up the most recent law changes regarding your water use.

  1. Conservation Tips & Fact Sheets

    Conservation Tips & Fact Sheets

    Join our efforts to save our water with these free resources and tools.

  2. Conservation Publications

    Conservation Publications

  3. Outdoor Water Budget Calculation Equation

    Outdoor Water Budget Calculation Equation

    Learn how outdoor water budgets are calculated.