1. Rebates & Discounts

    Rebates & Discounts

    Coachella Valley Water District’s rebate program is designed to assist homeowners who want to reduce their outdoor water usage by converting their lawn to desert-friendly landscaping, installing smart irrigation controllers and replacing inefficient spray nozzles.

  2. Report Water Waste

    Report Water Waste

    Thank you for your interest in helping Coachella Valley residents reduce water waste. Our staff will investigate every report and provide technical assistance, as needed.

  3. Water-use Restrictions Information

    Water-use Restrictions Information

    Water-use restrictions have been extended for CVWD customers through January. Drought budgets and drought penalties have been lifted but CVWD expects customers to continue managing water wisely based on the important lessons learned during the drought emergency.

  4. Water Conservation Contests

    Water Conservation Contests

    Have you taken steps to save water at home or through your business? Enter our contests for a chance to win prizes!

  5. Seminars, Workshops & Classes

    Seminars, Workshops & Classes

    The Coachella Valley Water District offers water conservation seminars for both residents and professional landscapers.

  6. Tips for Residents

    Tips for Residents

    Find water conservation resources for residential customers.

  1. HOAs & Businesses

    HOAs & Businesses

    Easily search information for home owners associations and businesses.

  2. Restaurant Table Tents

    Restaurant Table Tents

    Order table tents that help encourage customers to ask for water.

  3. Professional Landscapers

    Professional Landscapers

    Nearly 80% of precious groundwater in the Coachella Valley is used to irrigate landscaped areas. Coachella Valley Water District offers a variety of tools to help professional landscapers improve their outdoor water efficiency.

  4. Weather & ET

    Weather & ET

    Find detailed weather forecasts and ET information.

  5. Conservation Links

    Conservation Links

    Links to water conservation resources, including a Desert-Friendly Plants searchable database of more than 330 plants and 800 photos.

  6. Overseeding


    Customers are encouraged not to overseed to avoid paying higher water rates. If you choose to overseed, please follow our Overseeding Without Wasting Guidelines.