Government Affairs

For more than 100 years, CVWD has been working to protect the water resources that are vital to a thriving Coachella Valley. To further that mission, CVWD employs a full-time Government Affairs Specialist as well as lobbyists in both Sacramento and Washington, D.C. to track policy and work on behalf of our customers. Here, you will find information regarding position letters the District has sent to members of the California legislature and Congress and other governing bodies whose activities affect CVWD and the way we operate to provide safe and reliable drinking water, sewer, and stormwater services.

The Legislative Platform outlines the priorities and positions CVWD’s Board of Directors has approved for the current legislative term. Throughout the year, the Board may also take additional steps to direct staff to oppose or support policy initiatives as they arise. 

Government Affairs Staff

2018.10 KJohnson headshotGovernment Affairs Specialist Kristen Johnson has been with CVWD since October 2017.  Prior to joining CVWD, she advised the Bureau of Reclamation as an Attorney-Advisor at the Department of the Interior for nine years in Washington, D.C.  Ms. Johnson attended Southern Illinois University School of Law and is admitted to practice law in the states of California and Illinois.  She received her undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis.  She has been a resident of the Coachella Valley since May 2017.

If you have questions regarding the District’s positions on a legislative or regulatory matter or to request the District take a position or action, please call 760.398.2651 x 3564. You may also email Ms. Johnson at

Government Affairs Documents

2021-2022 Policy Platform

Position Statements & Letters

  1. 2020.11.23 CVWD support Ruiz HR8775 - Salton Sea
  2. 2020.09.18 CVWD SSA witness request for Salton Sea Hearing
  3. 2020.09.16 CVWD SB1159 veto request
  4. 2020.09.02 SB 1386 (Moorlach) - Coalition Ltr to Gov
  5. 2020.08.19 AB1672 Support
  6. 2020.08.10 AB3030 coalition Oppose Unless Amended
  7. 2020.07.21 AB 1720 Oppose Unless Amended coalition ltr
  8. 2020.07.15 SB1386 Coalition Ltr to Asm Local Govt
  9. 2020.07.09 Env. Approps - WIFIA Funding ltr
  10. 2020.06.09 CVWD AB3256 concerns
  11. 2020.06.08 S.2044 McSally Amendment support - Feinstein
  12. 2020.06.08 S.2044 McSally Amendment support - Harris
  13. 2020.05.05 SB1386 (Moorlach)- Coalition Ltr of Support
  14. 2020.04.10 COVID-19 relief package 4
  15. 2020-03-24 Covid-19 Phase 3 request - Ruiz FINAL
  16. 2020.03.21 H.R. 6201 Unfunded Leave Public Agency Letter
  17. 2020.03.17 State Water Contractors Coalition ltr re: Bond Priorities
  18. 2019.09.04 SB 1 Coalition Assembly Floor Alert
  19. 2019.09.04 SB 1 Coalition Letter to Atkins
  20. 2019.07.22 SB 1 Coalition Letter - Oppose Unless Amended
  21. 2019.07.19 AB 756 veto request
  22. 2019.07.12 SB1 coalition letter - ESA provisions
  23. 2019.07.09 CVWD PFAS chemicals concerns - House of Representatives
  24. 2019.06.11 SB 1 Coalition Letter Oppose Unless Amended
  25. 2019.06.10 HR 2313 Ruiz Request to Cosponsor
  26. 2019.06.10 AB 402 Oppose Unless Amended
  27. 2019.05.08 SB 1 Coalition Opposition Letter
  28. 2019.04.08 WateReuse CA coalition letter re: Title XVI-WIIN funding
  29. 2019.04.02 AB 533 Support letter
  30. 2019.04.02 AB 626 Support letter
  31. 2019.04.02 AB 1194 Oppose letter
  32. 2019.03.29 AB 1486 Oppose Letter
  33. 2019.03.26 DCP Support Letter - House Water Oceans and Wildlife subcommittee
  34. 2019.03.26 DCP Support Letter - Senate Water and Power subcommittee
  35. CVWD Board resolution supporting Salton Sea funding

Regulatory Comment Letters

Current CVWD legislative positions:


Support if Amended