May I remove my turf now?
CVWD must review and approve your application before you can start your project. If you proceed prior to CVWD approval, you cannot be considered for the rebate program.

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1. How do I apply?
2. Where am I in the approval process?
3. May I remove my turf now?
4. I turned off the water on my grass already and it has started to die. Can I still qualify for the program?
5. Does the removal of shrubs, trees, pools or other water users qualify?
6. How many projects may I do?
7. What is needed in a sketch?
8. What if I can’t e-mail my sketch or photo?
9. How much does a typical conversion cost?
10. What is required in the new landscape?
11. Can I just put down rock or pavers in place of the grass?
12. Can I receive credit for replacing my lawn with artificial turf?
13. Can I install concrete patios, curbing, walkways, and driveways?
14. I don’t know anything about landscaping. Can someone from CVWD assist me?
15. How can I find a good landscaper?
16. Can I remove my turf and leave it dirt?
17. What plants can I use in my water-smart landscape?
18. Why do I need a filter and pressure regulator?
19. What is mulch and why do you require it?
20. Do I need a weed barrier?
21. Are there any additional requirements if I live in an HOA?
22. Do I need a new irrigation controller?
23. What if my HOA requires me to keep grass in my yard?