What is the purpose of the RAC?

CVWD has served as a steward of the Coachella Valley’s groundwater resources for more than 100 years. Ensuring that a reliable supply of water is available for the Valley’s future families and businesses is a cornerstone of the CVWD’s mission to the communities it serves.

The Replenishment Assessment Charge, or RAC, is a key component of the Indio Subbasin Water Management Plan Update and Mission Creek Water Management Plan Update, blueprints for ensuring there is a reliable and sustainable long-term supply of high quality water for the Coachella Valley. The RAC generates revenue from large groundwater producers, such as water agencies, golf courses, and agriculture to fund the replenishment of groundwater with imported water. The RAC also funds important projects and programs to protect and conserve groundwater supplies and reduce groundwater pumping. This includes the expansion of the canal water delivery system to reduce or eliminate groundwater pumping for non-potable uses like agricultural, golf course, and landscape irrigation.

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1. What is the purpose of the RAC?
2. Why is it important to replenish the aquifer?
3. Who pays the RAC?
4. If I don’t use this amount of water, how does this apply to me?
5. What is the Current RAC?
6. What is the reason for the latest increase?