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  1. Most Beautiful Yard Contest Application
  2. Report Water Waste

    Thank you for your interest in helping Coachella Valley residents reduce water waste. To report water waste, please provide the... More…

  1. Outstanding Commercial Water Saver Contest Application

Customer Service

  1. Customer Service - Account Review

    Request a review of your account due to high water consumption.

  2. Customer Service - Start Service

    Start service at a residential or commercial property.

  1. Customer Service - Other Requests

    Stop service or update account information for a residential or commercial property.

  2. Customer Service - Temporary Construction Meters

    Request Temporary Construction Meter services.


  1. Chromium-6 Comments

    We want your input. Coachella Valley Water District values feedback from all members of the community as we strive to make the best... More…

  2. Contact Us

    We want to hear from you. If you have general inquiries, suggestions, or concerns please contact us.

  3. Publications Request Form

    To request a copy of any of our publications, please complete and submit this form. All resources are free and postage-paid. Large... More…

  4. Table Tents Request Form

    Order Table tents that help encourage customers to ask for water.

  1. Construction Inspector Scheduling

    To schedule your inspection please fill out the following.

  2. Private Tour Application

    Are you interested in a special half-day tour for your HOA, club or organization? Each fall and spring CVWD offers a limited number of... More…

  3. Rate Changes Comments

    We want your input. Coachella Valley Water District values feedback from all members of the community as we strive to make the best... More…


  1. *for testing purposes only*iwaa*

    Prior office approval needed

  2. Agreement.2

    Prior office approval needed

  3. Photography/Video Request

    This form is to be used to request photos or videos for a project or event. Photos which have a broad external marketing purpose will... More…

  1. Agreement

    Prior office approval needed

  2. Agreement.3

    Prior office approval needed


  1. Bill Survey

    CVWD is gathering input from customers about the design of the monthly water bill and the information it contains. To voice your... More…

  2. Customer Experience Survey – Delinquency Survey

    This Customer Experience Survey would be sent to customers who have been turned off for non-payment. Specifically, this survey would... More…

  3. Water Management Survey
  1. Customer Experience Survey – Activation of Domestic Water Service (WS-116)
  2. Water Management Customer Survey