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  1. Water District
  2. Coachella Valley Water District
    Request to Enter into a 6 Month Payment Plan

  3. Please read and complete the information below to request a payment plan.

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  7. Terms & Conditions

    If approved, I hereby agree to pay the installment payments IN ADDITION TO my monthly charges for a period of 6 months. I understand that my first payment is due starting with my next monthly bill.

    I agree to keep my account current during the time period requested above. If I fail to make payments as agreed upon, the payment plan will become void, delinquency fees and late charges will be added to my account, and the total outstanding balance will become due IMMEDIATELY.


    Post Office Box 1058

    Coachella, California 92236

    (760) 391-9600

    (760) 398-3190 - fax

    rev 5/2022

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