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Residential Customers

Lush & Efficient Residential Landscapes

Nearly 80% of residential water in the Coachella Valley is used outdoors. Reduce your water use with these 24 water wise tips.

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Rebates & Discounts

Rebates & Discounts

CVWD’s rebate program is designed to assist homeowners and large landscape customers reduce their outdoor water usage.
Drought: Ways to help save more water

Statewide Drought: Reduce your water use by 20%

Join our efforts to save our water with these free resources and tools.
Water Wise Tip of the Month

Water Wise Tip of the Month

Sign up for CVWD's new water wise tip of the month email. Click the following link to start receiving water saving tips:
Water Counts

Water Counts, a new, web-based resource to help customers use water more efficiently.
Overseeding Without Wasting Guidelines

Overseeding Without Wasting Guidelines

Did you know that you can successfully overseed grass without increasing irrigation or flooding your lawn? Follow our Overseeding Without Wasting Guidelines in English or in Spanish, to help save water this fall season.
Ask Dave

Ask Dave

The Ask Dave video series can help you manage your water use. Visit the Multimedia Gallery to learn more about water conservation.
Home Makeover in the Desert

Home Makeover in the Desert

Looking for great conservation ideas on how to go Lush & Efficient? Click here to watch videos as seen on tv.
New regulation proposed in Sacramento

New conservation laws in Sacramento

A trio of new state laws prevents HOAs from prohibiting or fining members for practicing conservation, especially during a drought-caused state of emergency.
Fact Sheet, AB 1896, AB 2100, AB 2104, SB 992
Lush & Efficient

Lush &Efficient
Landscape Gardening in the Coachella Valley

Lush & Efficient is a guide to water-efficient landscaping. You can view the entire web friendly book online or download the pdf version (16mb). If you would like to order a print copy of Lush & Efficient download the following order form.
Water Wise

Water Wise at Home

A guide to finding leaks, conserving water and making every drop count in your coachella valley home. Download Water Wise at Home.