Senior Administration

  • Jim Barrett, General Manager, (760) 398-2651
  • Robert Cheng, Assistant General Manager, (760) 398-2651 
  • Dan Charlton, Assistant General Manager, Operations & Maintenance, (760) 398-2651 


Communication & Conservation

The Communication and Conservation Department is responsible for public outreach, education, and management of the district’s conservation programs. The department also tracks relevant legislation and is responsible for the website.


The Engineering Department manages the design and construction of large projects, such as new pipelines and reservoirs. Divisions include Development Services, Inspection, and Right-of-Way.

Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Department is responsible for water quality and groundwater replenishment monitoring and reporting, including oversight of a state-certified laboratory. The department also manages biological resources and environmental permitting programs.


The Finance Department creates the District’s budget, solicits and reviews bids, processes all payments for water services and pays the District's bills.

Facilities & Maintenance

  • Dan Charlton, Assistant General Manager, Operations & Maintenance, (760) 398-2651 

The Facilities and Maintenance Department is responsible for CVWD’s operation and maintenance of our Canal, Stormwater, Replenishment facilities, and Campuses, as well as the management of the Fleet. The department also provides several internal customer support services, including electrical, electronics, welding, and carpentry.

Human Resources

Human Resources handles all recruitment and hiring for the District, as well as managing the employee safety program, health benefits and risk management.

Information Systems

Information Systems maintains the district computer network and is responsible for all the district’s computer and software-related needs.


  • Dan Charlton, Assistant General Manager, Operations & Maintenance, (760) 398-2651 

The Operations Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Domestic Water and Sanitation systems, including all production, collection, and treatment.


The Service Department includes many of the divisions most closely linked to our customers, including Customer Service, Customer Billing and Meter Readers.