Start / Stop Canal Service

Starting Canal Service Inside Improvement District No. 1 (ID1)

Starting canal service is easy. Simply submit a Canal Water Service Request Form.

Requesting Canal Water Service Outside Improvement District No. 1 (ID1)

Review the Canal Water Service Application Lands Outside Improvement District No. 1 (ID1) and accompanying guidelines.

Account Establishment Fee

Effective September 1, 2021, an Account Establishment Fee of $46 will be assessed on all new accounts and will be reflected on the first bill.

Stop Canal Service

Please allow 10 days from the date of change request for processing and update. Accounts are not closed or re-opened automatically. It is the responsibility of the account holder to notify our office in writing to discontinue service.

Submit a written request by fax, mail, or in person (once received, please allow 48 hours from the date received for processing):


For Your Protection

CVWD is committed to protecting its customer’s identity. CVWD does not collect driver’s license information or Social Security Numbers; however, proof of identity may be required when establishing or changing water services. If you would like a spouse, relative, or third party to have access to your account, please add that information to your application. This information can also be emailed, mailed to CVWD, Customer Service at P.O. Box 1058, Coachella, California 92236, or submitted by fax to 760-398-3190.

If you have any questions about the request forms, or need assistance, please contact Customer Service at 760-391-9600.