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Category GraphicYour Water is Our Promise: The CVWD Blog
 10/13/2020 11:41 AM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD evaluates new system that pinpoints water use
 9/29/2020 2:11 PM 9/30/2022 12:05 AM
Item GraphicWelcome to the new blog for CVWD!
 10/15/2019 2:38 PM N/A
Item GraphicCome celebrate with us!
 11/5/2019 4:22 PM N/A
Item GraphicCheck out this graphic!
 12/4/2019 2:44 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD and Riverside County partner to provide water to Oasis Mobile Home Park
 12/10/2019 2:25 PM N/A
Item GraphicEstrada appointed to drinking water advisory board
 12/13/2019 3:01 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD completes sewer connection to East Valley Mobile Home Park
 12/20/2019 2:43 PM N/A
Item GraphicHappy holidays!
 12/23/2019 1:00 PM N/A
Item GraphicFitch Ratings assigns AAA-rating to CVWD loan
 1/27/2020 10:40 AM N/A
Item GraphicNew rebates available for washing machines, hot water pumps
 2/10/2020 4:07 PM N/A
Item GraphicPublic invited to workshop on Coachella Valley groundwater management
 2/18/2020 3:02 PM N/A
Item GraphicWater-related science project receives award
 2/25/2020 4:01 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD urges public to be safe, do business online and phone
 3/24/2020 3:01 PM N/A
Item GraphicDon't flush those wipes!
 4/2/2020 12:43 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD water quality report now available
 7/27/2020 2:55 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD construction roundup: Even in the heat, the work continues
 7/30/2020 3:26 PM N/A
Item GraphicHere’s how CVWD is responding to COVID-19 and helping our customers and community
 8/4/2020 1:10 PM N/A
Item GraphicPeople of CVWD: Water Management pair to the rescue!
 8/11/2020 11:07 AM N/A
Item GraphicProp 1 grant to fund CVWD rebates, demo garden
 8/17/2020 10:37 AM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD Board approves plan for solar-topped parking structures
 8/19/2020 4:13 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD construction roundup: grants fund projects
 8/31/2020 3:50 PM N/A
Item GraphicConstruction roundup: projects continue
 10/6/2020 4:34 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD showcases essential role of water agency staff
 10/6/2020 4:35 PM N/A
Item GraphicGardening update: October-November is prime time to plant home gardens
 10/20/2020 10:21 AM N/A
Item GraphicOctober construction update
 10/29/2020 1:59 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD honored for award-winning financial report
 11/10/2020 3:00 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD seeks applications for director post
 11/20/2020 3:51 PM N/A
Item GraphicDon’t get caught in a holiday FOG
 11/24/2020 3:20 PM N/A
Item GraphicGardening update: Tackle major garden projects in December
 12/2/2020 2:59 PM N/A
Item GraphicConstruction update: flood protection
 12/2/2020 3:55 PM N/A
Item GraphicReport shows groundwater levels improve in the Valley
 12/10/2020 11:32 AM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD adds new member to board
 12/23/2020 11:23 AM N/A
Item GraphicAgency recognizes CVWD for communication strategy
 12/23/2020 11:47 AM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD posts 2020 highlights
 12/30/2020 4:20 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD construction roundup for December
 12/31/2020 2:43 PM N/A
Item Graphic CVWD board member keeps seat on state advisory board
 12/31/2020 2:45 PM N/A
Item GraphicJanuary: Time for cold-season chores in the garden
 12/31/2020 2:59 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD board actions taken today
 1/12/2021 3:35 PM N/A
Item GraphicToday's board action items
 1/26/2021 3:01 PM N/A
Item GraphicFebruary in your desert garden
 2/1/2021 4:18 PM N/A
Item Graphic2020 State of the District message available on video
 2/11/2021 9:21 AM N/A
Item GraphicLearn about citrus trees, irrigation solutions at CVWD workshops
 2/18/2021 3:43 PM N/A
Item GraphicEvans named to California Data Collaborative
 2/18/2021 4:23 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD Board to consider canal rates increase
 2/23/2021 4:13 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD construction update: Stormwater project nears completion
 2/26/2021 11:09 AM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD to provide temporary drinking water to Oasis Mobile Home Park again
 3/9/2021 4:08 PM N/A
Item GraphicBoard approves contracts for multiple projects; Lake Cahuilla lease extended one year
 3/26/2021 2:01 PM N/A
Item GraphicMarch construction update: New reservoir is underway
 3/31/2021 3:17 PM N/A
Item GraphicApril in your desert garden
 3/31/2021 3:32 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD awarded grant to fund emergency generator at East Valley well
 4/22/2021 10:47 AM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD seeks increase in replenishment fees
 4/22/2021 10:49 AM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD issues notice of public hearings over rate increases
 4/23/2021 1:18 PM N/A
Item GraphicBoard raises canal service rates, charges
 4/27/2021 3:12 PM N/A
Item GraphicApril construction update
 4/29/2021 2:02 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD awarded $2.9 million federal grant for flood control
 4/29/2021 2:08 PM N/A
Item GraphicMay in your desert garden
 4/29/2021 2:11 PM N/A
Item GraphicSCADA system update may beat deadline
 5/11/2021 3:39 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD to open rate hearings to in-person speakers with COVID-19 cautions
 5/19/2021 4:34 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD to seek grant for new IXTP, reviews water shortage plan
 5/28/2021 2:58 PM N/A
Item GraphicJune in your desert garden
 5/28/2021 3:00 PM N/A
Item GraphicDirectors adopt new domestic water rates, charges
 2/2/2022 3:35 PM N/A
Item GraphicBoard OKs plans that look at future water supply, demand
 6/22/2021 2:54 PM N/A
Item GraphicJuly in your garden
 7/6/2021 9:59 AM N/A
Item GraphicBoard reminded of drought … past, present and future
 7/13/2021 2:19 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD to contract water tender services for Oasis Mobile Home Park
 7/27/2021 2:35 PM N/A
Item GraphicAugust in Your Garden
 6/14/2022 3:02 PM N/A
Item GraphicWork to continue on Coachella campus improvements
 8/10/2021 2:19 PM N/A
Item GraphicThe drought: What you can do at home to conserve
 8/25/2021 1:09 PM N/A
Item GraphicSeptember in your garden
 8/26/2021 2:11 PM N/A
Item GraphicNorth Indio projects will end flood insurance mandate
 9/14/2021 1:41 PM N/A
Item GraphicIconic blue tower due for demolition
 9/28/2021 2:48 PM N/A
Item GraphicOctober in your garden
 9/29/2021 4:21 PM N/A
Item GraphicBarrett to talk about our water, challenges in webinar
 2/2/2022 3:33 PM N/A
Item GraphicBoard actions today
 6/14/2022 3:06 PM N/A
Item GraphicVideo tours highlight CVWD operations
 10/14/2021 10:39 AM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD experts show hands-on how-tos
 10/20/2021 4:48 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD moves toward replacing outdated critical software
 10/27/2021 3:06 PM N/A
Item GraphicFall 2021 Legislation update
 10/27/2021 3:09 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD to seek grant to extend sewer system in Thermal mobile home park
 11/10/2021 3:59 PM N/A
Item GraphicDecember in your garden
 7/11/2022 8:10 AM N/A
Item GraphicLearn about history, use, management of water
 12/1/2021 3:37 PM N/A
Item GraphicBoard approves plans that guide sustainable water management
 12/7/2021 3:07 PM N/A
Item GraphicBoard actions cover SCADA, blue water tower, planning contracts
 12/7/2021 3:09 PM N/A
Item GraphicJanuary in your garden
 12/30/2021 1:08 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD Board to seek bids to continue Avenue 66 project
 1/11/2022 1:22 PM N/A
Item GraphicBoard reviews proposed redistricting maps
 1/27/2022 10:21 AM N/A
Item GraphicFebruary in your desert garden
 1/31/2022 1:00 PM N/A
Item GraphicBoard approves $7.3 million for Delta Conveyance Project
 2/16/2022 3:53 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD project to bring flood relief to North Indio
 2/22/2022 1:34 PM N/A
Item GraphicYour garden in March
 7/11/2022 8:11 AM N/A
Item GraphicDistrict moves ahead with plans to build ponds in stormwater channel
 3/9/2022 2:52 PM N/A
Item GraphicApril in Your Desert Garden
 7/11/2022 8:15 AM N/A
Item GraphicMay in your desert garden
 4/26/2022 11:38 AM N/A
Item GraphicProject will expand nonpotable water to nine new users
 5/11/2022 9:06 AM N/A
Item GraphicSewer system upgrade will open the door for more housing
 5/24/2022 3:37 PM N/A
Item GraphicJune in your desert garden
 5/31/2022 4:12 PM N/A
Item GraphicJuly in your desert garden
 7/1/2022 10:30 AM N/A
Item GraphicTwo more golf courses to join nonpotable water system
 7/13/2022 3:07 PM N/A
Item GraphicCVWD sets drought penalties
 7/28/2022 3:50 PM N/A
Item GraphicAugust in Your Garden
 8/4/2022 8:43 AM N/A
Item GraphicActions from Aug. 23 Board of Directors meeting
 8/23/2022 1:41 PM N/A
Item GraphicSeptember in your garden
 8/31/2022 9:11 AM N/A
Item GraphicBoard adds $3 million to rebate programs
 9/19/2022 12:38 PM N/A
Item GraphicDirector of Finance retires; Board seeks grant funding
 9/27/2022 3:02 PM N/A