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Jul 13

Two more golf courses to join nonpotable water system

Posted on July 13, 2022 at 3:07 PM by Jesse Ruiz

Reclaimed irrigation pipeTwo country clubs will stop pumping groundwater for irrigation after they are connected to CVWD’s nonpotable water distribution system in summer 2024.

The Board of Directors July 12 approved nonpotable water agreements for Palm Royale Country Club Homeowners Association, Palm Desert, and Tri-Palm Estates and Country Club, Thousand Palms.

Palm Royale will be connected to the new nonpotable water pipeline system from WRP 10 that is being installed along Hovley Lane East. Tri-Palms Estates will be connected to the system from WRP 10 that currently crosses Interstate 10 to serve Classic Club.

CVWD’s service area includes 54 golf courses connected to nonpotable water sources. In 2023, the District plans to add four more golf courses to the system for a total of 58. By 2025, CVWD hopes to have a total of 70 connected golf courses.

The Directors also:

  • Approved soliciting bids for a one million-gallon reservoir along 70th Avenue in North Shore. Total cost estimate is $3,310,000. The site’s existing 48-year-old 400,000-gallon reservoir  will be evaluated for rehabilitation or demolition.
  • Recognized Nonpotable Water Operations Manager Olivia Bennett for her 20 years of CVWD service.


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