3. Who does the prohibition apply to?

The State’s emergency regulation prohibits the use of potable water to irrigate non-functional turf only at CII sites. The state’s emergency regulation defines CII as:

“[C]ommercial water users, industrial water users, and institutional water users as respectively defined in Water Code, section 10608.12, subdivisions (e), (i), and (j), and includes homeowner’s associations, common interest developments, community service organizations, and other similar entities but does not include the residences of these entities’ members or separate interests.”

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1. 1. What are the Demand Reduction actions adopted by CVWD and when do they go into effect?
2. 2. What is Non-Functional Turf?
3. 3. Who does the prohibition apply to?
4. 4. Does the prohibition apply to residential properties?
5. 5. If the prohibition only applies to potable water, what is potable water?
6. 6. Are there exceptions to the non-functional turf irrigation prohibition?
7. 7. May I continue to water trees and other non-turf plantings planted among non-functional turf?
8. 8. How long is the prohibition in effect?
9. 9. Does the prohibition apply to HOAs?
10. 10. Who decides if turf owned by the HOA is functional?
11. 11. Where can I report water waste violations?
12. 12. What action(s) is CVWD authorized to take to enforce the prohibition?
13. 13. Who will enforce the prohibition of irrigating non-functional turf?