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Meter Removal or Reduction Agreement (CVWD-977)

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  2. Meter Removal or Reduction Agreement

  3. Customers who have multiple water meters and/or oversized meters may apply to have meters removed or resized using this request form. Approval is subject to CVWD regulations as described in the Terms and Conditions. Your request is submitted to CVWD’s Water Management Division for review and approval.


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  7. Terms & Conditions

    Please refer to the CVWD Regulations Governing Domestic Water Service, Section 3.05.070(F) for the regulations governing Meter Removal or Size Reduction.
  8. I am not submitting payment with this application / request.*
  9. When removing a meter, Customer shall pay $105.00 for the cost to remove the meter and appurtenances. This amount will be invoiced following review and approval of this application.*
  10. When downsizing a meter, Customer shall pay the current rate for the cost of a new meter, depending on the size of the meter. This amount will be invoiced following review and approval of this application. *
  11. Meter removal or size reductions may be subject to fire flow requirements. Customer must submit minimum fire flow requirement needed for the requested property. *
  12. Customer may be required to submit landscape plans showing a reduction in landscaped area and reduced flow requirements. Upon installation of the smaller meter, Customer will be required to meet water usage reduction requirements, as outlined in approved landscape plans. Customer shall be subject to higher tiers, and other charges and enforcement actions, in the event of a violation of conservation requirements. Customers with approved landscape plans on file with CVWD may submit an amendment to their plans.*
  13. CVWD must approve this request before the Customer severs their connection from the water meter and appurtances.*
  14. Customer must sever their connection from the water meter and appurtenances prior to CVWD removing the meter. The District will not perform any plumbing work on the customer service line. The customer will be required to perform any and all plumbing work necessary to prepare for the meter and appurtenance removal, including securing/capping off the customer service line. *
  15. Reduction — Customer shall be solely responsible for any costs which may arise in the event of a need for the upsizing of meters or other costs due to increased demand on, or damage to, the remaining meters on the property.*
  16. If Customer decides to have a new meter installed subsequent to a Removal, or a larger/previous size meter installed subsequent to a Reduction, Customer shall be solely responsible for applicable fees and compliance with applicable requirements, in effect at that time, for said installation.*
  17. Customer relinquishes any rights which may pertain to the meter and connection being removed including, without limitation, any right to a refund or other payment in regard to the meter and connection which were previously installed.*
  18. Customer assumes all responsibility for costs associated with this request, including removal fees, installation costs, parts and labor. Customer is responsible for any bills, costs, loss, damage, penalties, charges, or fees associated with this request including the abandonment of the CVWD service line, if needed.*
  19. Customer assumes the defense of, and shall indemnify and hold harmless CVWD from and against all claims, actions, damages, and liabilities (including, but not limited to, damage to, or the state of, landscaping), attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses which arise from this Removal/Reduction. *
  20. This Agreement is subject to, and incorporates, the rules, regulations, and rate schedules for water service, as amended from time to time. Failure to adhere to these Terms and Conditions may result in termination of service.*
  21. I acknowledge and agree to comply with all District Regulations, Ordinances, Policies and Rules, or amendments thereto. I attest that I am the customer of record, or duly authorized agent, with authority to execute this agreement. *


    Post Office Box 1058

    Coachella, California 92236

    (760) 391-9600

    (760) 398-3190 - fax

    rev 5/2022

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